K. O. High Boxing League: This Saturday!

I like supporting my students. I like going to football games and buying chocolate bars and cookie dough.

But I love boxing. So when one of my former students told me he was selling tickets to his boxing match, I bought a couple floor seats off the kid. He was not a star pupil, a bit mischievous, but a good kid. I always thought he, like most urban youth, lacked direction or purpose. He almost always showed up late to class, and rarely did his work. This year, to my delight, he found the boxing league.

According to this Craig’s List post, three schools will be participating, for a total of 12 bouts. Word on the street is that the son of Sugar Shane Mosley will be one of the fighters in the ring.

This is a great opportunity to see some up-and-coming fighters. As we say at school, “Fight in the ring, not on the street!” See you on the floor!

Saturday, January 12, 2008
Los Angeles Southwest College [map]
1600 W. Imperial Hwy
Los Angeles, CA 90047

Doors open at 5pm / Events start at 6pm
Tickets will be available at the door: $10 for students / $15 for adults / $25 for floor seats