David Lam on the lam no more.

amw-davidlam.jpgA couple of years ago, I heard a disturbing story via the grapevine of some friends who gambled at The Bike. One day, one of the floor managers didn’t show up work. A few days later, the rumor was that his wife’s body was found partially buried in the backyard. It sounded like one of those crazy casino stories that sounded too sketchy to be true.

It turns out the story was mostly based in fact. The floor manager’s name was David Lam and he had fled the country after he (presumably) strangled his wife and buried her in their Rowland Heights backyard back in 2005.

Lam had been on the run for two years until authorities found him in Indonesia in November. He was arrested Nov. 17, 2007 and is now being held held at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles.

In the two years that Lam had been missing, he was also featured on America’s Most Wanted: AMW CAPTURE DATA FILE FOR DAVID LAM

The full story is available at the Whittier Daily News.

Photo taken from amw.com