California State Primaries: February 5th

If you’re a political junkie like me, you might appreciate the LA Times’ 2008 Primary Tracker. Not much to look at now (and I’m concerned that they haven’t updated it yet to reflect yesterday’s Republican caucus in Wyoming), but will be interesting to see how other states are choosing their delegates before California’s primary on February 5th.

In addition to choosing which candidate from each party should run for President, there are a large number of state measures

Additional notes:

  • Tomorrow, January 7th, is the first day California residents can apply for an absentee ballot – the 29th is the last day to submit a request. (online application here).
  • Mayoral candidate and blogger Walter Moore appears on the City of LA’s sample ballot in an anti-Proposition S argument. Joe Mailander at Mayor Sam asks why Moore doesn’t list his occupation or candidacy as well.
  • Proposition S, the only City of Los Angeles measure on the ballot, is “to reduce the City’s tax on communications users from 10% to 9%; modernize the ordinance to treat taxpayers equally regardless of technology used; exempt low- income senior-citizen and disabled households; to fund general municipal services, such as 911, police, fire protection, street maintenance, parks and libraries; subject to an annual independent audit.”

Additional measures for cities throughout Los Angeles County can be found on this .pdf file. Additional voting info always available at LA Vote.