After loading up my truck with our Christmas tree, I ended up retrieving six discarded arbors from the disrepute of curbside dereliction and decomposition. Did I have to roam far and wide? Not with inconsiderate neighbors like mine. I had but to drive around my block and up Silver Lake Boulevard from Sunset to Glendale Boulevard on my way to the tree drop-off at the L.A. Zoo, where they were impressed enough with what they called a record individual tree count that they obliged me in documenting hunter and hunted:

8 thoughts on “SE7EN”

  1. Yr Flickr photo set shows 12 trees though…. I’m guessing maybe you weren’t able to haul all of them due to lack of room? Yr neighborly good deed almost make me wish I owned a truck :)

  2. Hi Siel! Those 12 trees were found on my bike commute home Thursday, the first one near San Vicente and Redondo in the Longview Highlands area and the last one near Dillon and 4th Street in Historic Filipinotown. Those seven pictured in this post consisted of our tree, along with four found around my block and two more on Silver Lake Boulevard on my way to the drop-off point.

    I wish I had the time to go get those in that Flickr set, but unfortunately that’ll be up to others.

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