The 11th Day Of Giving: Give With A Click

Are you at work right now? Are you not quite ready to be back at work? It’s Friday and it was a short week and who is really concentrating anyway, right? Here are a few ways to give back while you are at work but not wanting to actually work.
Travis turned me on to a great time waster that actually does good in multiple ways. First, you are not doing any work, so that’s cool. Next, you are improving your vocabulary, always a plus. And last, you are helping to feed people. Click onto FreeRice and start playing. You’ll soon become addicted and you’ll be providing rice to feed hungry people around the world through the United Nations World Food Programme. And when telling your friends about it, you can use all the hifalutin words you’ve learned. Win-Win-Win.

If you are looking for a lot less brain function clicking action, go to the Breast Cancer Site and click on the button every day to help women in need get mammograms. No vocab tests, just click! You can also send free ecards that also help. When you go there, you’ll notice at the top that there are other tabs to click into to help feed the hungry, save the rainforests and help children get health care. If this site isn’t easy enough for you to give, I don’t know what it will take to get you to give.

How does this relate to LA? With all the good-willed clicking to help people you are also helping to build up the good karma in Los Angeles. I’ll take that any day.