gimme a second to rant you dummy

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I’ve watched you for way longer than I care to admit. Not in that fun stalking way, but I figured you are a hazard and I don’t want to get creamed.   A few rules of driving in CA if you want to survive.

The DMV gives you 20 days to changes your plates.  That’s all.  If you garage it here they don’t care, change the plate.  This would be a good time to get your CA drivers manual and get tested locally.   Stop signs are not optional in CA, especially the one at Foothill and Mountain that you blow with a fair amount of regularity.  Read the manual as well, look at the signs at Foothill and Mountain. Really if you are in the left lane NB Mountain, AFTER YOU STOP,  you make your left into the LEFT lane on Foothill.  Really, today it was my fender you nearly took off while making the wide turn.  This isn’t the back east, it’s not the land of Fried Green Tomatoes where you are bigger are better insured and you can be a cranky old wench.  In more than a few area’s the locals are armed and may shoot.  REALLY.

The speed limit isn’t an optional thingy either, the 25 school zone isn’t a suggestion.  I saw you trigger the radar warning through there at 37.  Are you totally outta your mind?

Just be glad I’m not totally in a passive aggressive state of mind and use the link to CHP cheaters…imagine what you are in for with outta state plates that expired nearly 3 years ago. I’m not even in a total dickhead mood so you are relatively safe.  Eventually MPDwill pick you out of the crowd as your driving stinks. That is your worry not mine.

Pic by me, grabbed at the light while we were stopped.  get’s a bit bigger if you really want to see more.

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  1. Ohh I love the bitchers about plates. If you see an out of state plate for awhile, guess what it doesn’t always need a California plate! Cases to consider:

    1) College students who pay out of state tuition. If you’re an out of stater you are not required to change your registration. Why? Because you aren’t a resident.

    2) College students who don’t own their cars- but mommy and/or daddy in other state own them. Again if you don’t legally own it, you can’t register it.

  2. Astrobabe…if the car is garaged here 20 days it’s registered here, the owner can be in another state. Happens all the time, no exemptions for college kids. CA doesn’t care where the owner lives if its garaged here 20 days you switch. My old employer had us report every student who failed to registered, partly so we could get the higher rate in CA. Sorry your arguement doesn’t work. The only exemption is military personnel. This one isn’t a college student so your argument is dust…this is a small town.

  3. All that and he’s driving a Kia.

    By the way, it’s well known to anyone who grew up in Maryland that Virginia drivers pretty much all suck.

  4. Course, I just remembered (I think) that that intersection is like example #7 in the link there, so disregard any corrective tone in the above post.

  5. The problem is there is ample signage at that intersection showing left lane to left lane only.
    Mountain ends at the intersection and foothill starts with that 90 degree turn.

    It’s marked right to right and left to left more like example #7 so your recollection is correct and the dummy from Virginia is just that, a dummy from virginia.

    Sadly MPD spends days there just monitoring the stops and turns and this one has yet to be caught.
    Half my neighbors have been caught on the stop thing which is equally stupid.

  6. not to nitpick here but fried green tomatoes was filmed in georgia.
    those born in the greatest state in this great nation take offense to the assumption all southern states are the same.
    this southerner will also concede those born in his homestate are horrible drivers, much worse than californians (except of course when it rains)…

  7. Um, not quite Fragzo:

    ” If the registered owner is a student, the vehicle must have California license plates. A vehicle does not need to have a California registration if:

    * It is not registered to a student and it is operated in California less than it is operated in any other state; OR
    * It is not registered to a student and is used by a student under 23 years of age who is a dependent of a non-California resident and not employed in California in any capacity, whether full time or part time. The current fine for violating this regulation is $252.

    In either of these cases, the student operating the vehicle cannot be registered to vote in California.”

  8. Most every student I knew worked double time to get residency for cheaper tuition but kept the car registered with Mom and Dad in WA claiming the student exemption.

    Didn’t work then and won’t now. Living on campus, not an apartment in your name is one way to beat it, but not always. Getting a job here and the license is what changes the rules.

    I turned in hundreds in that situation in my old job as a cubie. Had to as it was a job requirement, so I know the games people play and that exemption you are claiming rarely can apply after the first semester or so.

    But it doesn’t change bad driving. It doesn’t change that the car is 3 years expired and will eventually get caught.

  9. I kept my PA plates on my car for over 2 years here while I was a student. Damned if I was gonna pay the hundreds of dollars to change the registration over if the state insisted I wasn’t a resident in terms of UC tuition. is kind of like the cranky old man telling kids to get off his lawn, except it’s always about bad driving/parking. I mean, I understand that bad drivers are a danger to society and blah blah blah, but do you really think anyone is going to read your shrill commentary and see the error of their ways? I think it’s more of an opportunity for the good upstanding california drivers to congratulate themselves on their bitchin’ defensive driving habits.

  10. shrill? hardly. Nice to vent and see the worlds panties bunch in a colllective knot is the best I can expected. I keep my standards low and get it exceeded everytime. Thanks for your efforts.

  11. i had an out of state license plate on my vehicle almost the entire time i was in college…even the cop who pulled me over let me go after i said i was a full-time student. granted that was 17 years ago…

  12. “ is kind of like the cranky old man telling kids to get off his lawn, except it’s always about bad driving/parking. I mean, I understand that bad drivers are a danger to society and blah blah blah, but do you really think anyone is going to read your shrill commentary and see the error of their ways?”

    Unfortunately, no, they probably aren’t reading. Yet. But the moment we begin advertising, we’ll be taking a full page out in “Asshole Drivers Monthly.”

    Until then, I’ll be keeping any balls that happen to get kicked onto my lawn!

  13. “Didn’t work then and won’t now.”

    Not that it make Virginia any less of a bad driver, but in the hypothetical about the out-of-state student, you’re making two assumptions:

    1) All out-of-state students are going to public schools;
    2) All out-of-state students who keep their out-of-state plates are trying to cheat the system.

    While I’m not saying that doesn’t happen, Astrobabe’s point is not invalid 100% of the time as you would suggest. Especially when used as an exception to your “if it’s garaged here for 20 days it’s registered here, period” statement.

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