The Show Will Not Go On

Here’s one casualty of the strike that few will shed tears over: award shows.

The first victim: The Golden Globes.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the producers behind the Globes, have failed to make an interim deal with the WGA, and according to Variety, this will could result in an untelevised awards ceremony. SAG is encouraging its members not to cross the picket line, meaning few actors will likely attend to present or attend the award ceremony.

5 thoughts on “The Show Will Not Go On”

  1. Oh, thank god. Maybe we can finally start valuing something other than awards as a method of determining quality. (I don’t have much hope, but I’m clinging to what little I have.)

  2. Too bad for all the people that work a big show like that. The stagehands, grips, PAs, etc., again, all losing work over the strike in which they have no stake.

  3. Michael, you’re right, that is really shitty. I wish there were another way. (Especially if it also involves the demise — even temporary — of award shows.)

  4. P, you’re right. I corrected the language on the post to correct.

    Michael, as someone who has worked quite a bit on bad award shows (and some good ones), I agree the lost work sucks. But its not one segment of entertainment that I’ll miss as a viewer.

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