Did I say Red Flags were over? Well I lied.

Got the call about the newest Red Flag conditions last night, and by I think 830am I had received this email:

Yet again the Los Angeles Fire Department has called red flag conditions, this time for Tuesday, January 1st, 2008.

The National Weather Service is predicting strong Santa Ana winds for Monday December thirty first, Tuesday January First, and Wednesday January second, 2008. Just got the phone call, although for some reason I didn’t get my usual email too.

So just don’t get drunk tonight and park your car anywhere it might get towed by morning….

As usual, for further information please call 311 or visit www.lafd.org/redflag.

One thought on “Did I say Red Flags were over? Well I lied.”

  1. Unfortunately, there seems to be some problems with the notifiction systems lately.
    I’m getting some of the calls, but not all. Sometimes it rings with the same number, but when I pick up its dead on the other end, or it doesn’t leave a message when I send it to voicemail. (I noticed this only when it called me five times in a day).
    And I’m not receiving the emails.
    Hope the lAFD is aware of this problem and rushing to fix it.

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