Duarte…the easy alternative to Rose Float Fun

Dlogo.gif With all the Rose Parade activity building to the huge crescendo culminating with the parade Tuesday morning, Pasadena is getting tougher to get into, and tougher for parking. I gave you some options to get in and out of the TOR HERE. Not to steal from our own Jozjozjoz there are a few other alternatives to look at.

Duarte is one of those quiet little gems here in the SGV where there is a large amount of float building activity. For a mere 5 bones you get two days of visiting to watch them build floats. More information about float visiting Duarte City Web or Duarte Rose Floats.

You can also visit the official Tournament of Roses site for their visiting and volunteer requirements.

One thought on “Duarte…the easy alternative to Rose Float Fun”

  1. Ah fuck, our Duarte secret is out!

    I used to help out with the floats back when I was in high school (Duarte High represe– er, never mind).

    Kudos for the mention! I know some dead gang members who would be proud.

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