Giving All Year Long


This time of year, when people are in a festive and giving mood either because of the holidays or cuz they figured out they still have some available charitable donations they can write off, it might be a good time to remind everyone that the giving mood doesn’t have to be limited to the end of the year. You can also add small, simple acts of giving into your regular routine, it doesn’t have to be a big production to convince yourself and others that you really are a good person. Take for example the pic above of the free guavas someone in Lincoln Heights put out recently. It’s a simple gesture of giving that brings some cheer to the passer by and helps get rid of that overstock of fragrant fruit. And as far as I’m concerned, those type of insignificant acts, practiced regularly, amount to more than just one large act done out of guilt or seasonal obligation.

Click ahead for the stipulations on the “free” guavas and some of my recommendations for other simple acts of giving.


Translation:”Free Guavas, 5 per person only Don’t take the box, Thanks.” Free is never that free.

-You can spare the few seconds to let that person in or out of that driveway. Yer gonna wait at the next light anyways.
-Maybe you have the right of way, but fuck it, let the jerk go. They’ll get theirs in the end.
-If they only have a few items, let that person behind you go ahead if you have a cart load of stuff.
-Don’t call the cops on the neighbors loud party; you’ll want to have a pachanga sometime soon.
-So they gave you corn tortillas instead of flour, just eat ’em. It’s not an issue to complain about.
-Everyone hates shopping at that crowded shopping center you just went to, do you really have to blog about it?
-Use your fucking turn signal. It’s the nice thing to do.
-Your hateful tendencies are not as appreciated in the comments of a blog post as they would be as if you just kept that shit to yourself, like the rest of your kind have learned to do.
-Don’t just drive around that person with the stalled out car; get out and help push.
-Wash your hands! This applies especially to all the guys I see coming out of restrooms. Ladies, you might want to start questioning your man about his washing habits. From my vantage point at the sinks all around town, they’re pretty much all disgusting slobs. Seriously, somebody needs to put them on check.
-Don’t be a cheapskate next year, give out something for Halloween.
-If there’s enough space for two cars, do us a favor and move up so that someone else can park behind you.

That’s all I could think of at the moment, but surely there are many other simple things one can do to encourage an attitude of giving. Feel free to suggest your own.

7 thoughts on “Giving All Year Long”

  1. Mmmmm, guavas. In Tagalog (Filipino), they’re called bayabas. I’ve got two giving tips:

    -In line, if you’re behind a difficult customer, just smile when its your turn and try to move things along as fast as possible. There’s no use in complaining about how slow service is.
    -Don’t use your cell phone when you get to a cashier. Seriously, from a former barista, its just annoying.

  2. I also like to buy stuff off of street vendors and give them the change off of a larger bill.

    Going into a store that caters to folks differing from you (for my brown self, a yuppie or asian store for example) where everyone takes note of you and just act really nice to everyone. Not in a contrived patronizing way, just genuine niceness (even if it is just a few smiles), it usually sets off a chain reaction of niceness. I guess this has more effect because I look kind of choloish, but it works at all levels.

    Check out any minority restaraunt in a bad part of town, and tip well.

    As Chavo mentioned, drive with some courtesy (although plenty of arseholes will take advantage of it and cut you off), usually listening to jazz, oldies or classical music helps with this.

  3. I’ve been the recipient twice in the last month of a free parking permit given to me by a person leaving a UCLA lot. The spots there are pay-by-space for as little as half an hour to as much as a day ($8). I usually don’t buy full day tickets when I drive to campus, but the next time I do this, I’m definitely going to try and pass along my day permit.

  4. that has happen to me too, i’ve gotten parking permits from people leaving the school parking lot. Its nice, at first its kind of weird but then you realize what a beautiful world we live in lol. I would do the same, too bad i take night classes and Im the last one to leave the damn parking lot.

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