Last Minute Gifts: Wacko

Only 5 shopping days left, including what’s left of today. Whether you’re still looking for those “extra gifts,” or something for that one pain-in-the-ass who already owns most of Best Buy, Wacko is your new best friend. Wacko rules. Best. Store. Ever. How much does it rule? 5 stars on Yelp – based on 132 reviews.

If you don’t start twitching upon entering the store, pass me some of whatever you’re on. Wacko is a toy store. A book store. A soap store. An accessory store. A whatever store. It’s hard to describe, so I picked 5 random items priced $20 or less from their website…

Last Supper Lunchbox – $10.00

Ace Frehley Action Figure – $13.95

Devil Babe’s Big Book of Fun – $11.95

Island Babe Salt & Pepper Shaker – $18.00

Teardrop Beaded Curtain – $20.00

Here’s the map to Wacko. Take Metro Red Line to Vermont/Sunset Station. Give yourself at least an hour.

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Photo of the greatest store ever from daisy_princess’ photostream

3 thoughts on “Last Minute Gifts: Wacko”

  1. Excellent call. Wacko’s always been a go-to of mine for stocking stuffers. When I hit it this weekend I’m gonna give nearby Uncle Jer’s a try, too. I suck in that I’ve never been in there yet.

  2. Ah, I remember the smells when shopping at the “Soap Plant” on Sunset when I was a kid.Way before Wacko. Crap I just aged myself.

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