Vote! LAUSD for Grinch of the Year!

Who should get bragging rights as Los Angeles’ Grinch of the Year?

We’ve got some definitely grinchy nominees.

But while I’m ticked at Parks and Rec for keeping Griffith Park closed, and even more pissed at the AMPTP for pushing the writers to strike and thus temporarily hosing L.A.’s entire economy, my heart grows especially small and black when I think of what LAUSD is doing to L.A.’s very future.


Back when we first took nominations, I commented:

Unless I hear a better nominee, I’ll be voting for LAUSD – if not Admiral David L. “Do-Nothing” Brewer, who makes sleepy lethargist Jim Hahn look like the very picture of kickass-takenames effectiveness.

Brewer and the District not only managed to botch the paychecks and ensuing account-balancing fiasco for THOUSANDS of underpaid, hardworking teachers. They then proceeded to spend $1.4-million on a PR campaign including a $178,000 salary to some Telemundo alum to try putting a happy face on the whole debacle.


Let me put a finer point on it: When one load of paychecks goes out wrong, you fix it. Immediately.

You do not then allow the glitch to continue month after month, screwing up the finances of people you’re barely paying enough to begin with – and then hire an image consultant using our taxpayer dollars – which you should instead be paying to the teachers – to spray Glade over the deep and spreading stench of your incompetence.

When more than half of your district’s students can’t even make it out of high school with a diploma, you do not sit around for an entire YEAR after your appointment before you put together a reform plan for just 34 low-performing schools.

When the brilliant Green Dot Public Schools company shows you exactly how to improve retention, increase graduation rates and give L.A.’s kids a better education, you do not sit around haggling over individual deals like whether Locke High’s teachers should be unionized or not.

You steal the damn recipe and start brewing your own better schools. Pronto.

As father to two of the 700,000+ students in the LAUSD system, yeah, I guess I have an axe to grind.

But when you see district administrators unwilling or unable to give generously of their brain cells and make intelligent decisions affecting the lives of young Angelenos, don’t they look like they’re being the grinchiest Grinches of all?

Vote for LAUSD to be 2007’s Grinch of the Year!

3 thoughts on “Vote! LAUSD for Grinch of the Year!”

  1. Bravo Mac. LAUSD not paying teachers is a big one but who’s head should roll? Seems it is such a big clusterbomb that it is impossible to nail one person as ultimately responsible…or can we?

  2. Um…I’m related to one of the programmers who worked/is working on the new payroll system, and the worst part of the whole fiasco is that they knew it wasn’t going to work. The software company that sold the program promised a glitch-free rollover, but while the team in charge of implementing it was preparing for the conversion they discovered a lot of problems and told their supervisors, but…

  3. Wow. Bureaucracy at its finest, sounds like. Thanks for the note, mouse!

    Dunno what it’s going to take, but there’s a Soviet-sized bureaucracy at LAUSD’s Beaudry headquarters that deeply needs to be broken up so the culture can be made more professional and forward-thinking – and the money better-spent.

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