Vote AMPTP Grinch of the Year

Nick Counter has never come in third in his life. Nick Counter is always Number One. And while I am not saying it wouldn’t be good to take him down a notch or two, I am saying it’s downright embarrassing that there are so few votes for Nick Counter and the AMPTP as Grinch of the Year.

2104939938_59202bea0d_o.jpgWriters are out of work.

Writers’ assistants are out of work.

Producers not currently filming are out of work.

Producers’ assistants are out of work.

Key Grips are out of work.

Non-key grips too.

Craft Services? Out of work.

And it’s Christmas. An entire industry (give or take) is out of work at Christmas. The Grinch would be proud. Vote Nick Counter (you have until midnight).

Image by Nina Bargiel.

10 thoughts on “Vote AMPTP Grinch of the Year”

  1. Ah yes, because Nick Counter forced the WGA to go on strike. He forced the writers to check “Yes” on their little ballot cards for a strike. Yes HE solely is responsible for all the BTLers being out of work. God, get over yourself already. WGA has just as a big a part in this mess as the AMPTP. I vote for both sides as Greedy Grinches of the Year.

  2. He (they) did force it. The writers DO NOT WANT TO BE OUT OF WORK. What kind of morons do you think they are? The AMPTP refused to negotiate. The WGA did the ONLY thing that was an option: went on strike. If there had been another option (other than bend over and take it quietly), they would have opted for that. I guarantee it.

  3. I have to disagree with Kim. The writers are entitled to residuals of the new delivery media like any other artist. The strike continues because AMPTP walked way. Hell, they didn’t even show up at the city council meeting to attempt to explain what they are doing. Turning their back on the writers and the city is just bad politics.

  4. Nick Counter did not force us to go on strike, he just said “hey you guys, we’ve decided we’re not gonna pay you anything on new media. That way we can do a whole first-run thing on the Internet, which will essentially cut your TV residuals by almost 95%! When you refuse to accept our offer, we will walk away from the table, returning only to give you the same offer!”

    Of course, these are the same residuals that go into the BTL health & pension fund.

    But no, he didn’t force us at all.

  5. Not to mention the actors who are out of work… Though I guess since we’re always out of work no one really cares?

    Also something tells me Kim gets paid well for what she does. Unlike a lot of writers whose work is being stolen from them. Greedy? No. Needy.

  6. Oh yes, actors too. I did not intend any exclusion by leaving anyone off the list — it’s just that there is no way I could possibly list everyone!

  7. Yes Annika striking was an option. It was a choice. More power to the strikers, but I can’t help but roll my eyes when I read how writers were “forced” into striking, as if they had no will of their own. WGA made the choice to strike—yes, based on how shitty negotiations were going with the AMPTP. So yes, AMPTP gets part of the blame as I said before.

    But why is it so hard to admit, “Hey, WGA is now going to strike, and the physial act of walking off the job will shut down production, which will hurt the studios and leave non WGA folks without jobs (crew members, actors, etc), but we feel that in the long run it will benefit them.” You want everyone to take the lumps with you now, thinking that it’ll be better in the future. FINE. Just be honest and admit that, instead of eschewing any little bit of responsibility at all.

    It’s like the WGA’s statement that Conan, Leno, Letterman and now Stewart and Colbert are being “forced” to return to their shows. Does anyone really buy that? It’s as ludicrous at the studios’ “new economic partnership.” But everyone can call out the AMPTP b/c it’s cool and expected. God forbid someone call out the WGA on their hypocrisy. It was OK for the WGA to rail against Carson and Ellen, but Conan et al are being strong armed? BOTH sides are being disingenuous.

  8. I am not in the WGA, nor am I being dishonest about anything. The WGA has said pretty much exactly what you’re asking me to say. I don’t understand why you have such a problem with me not blaming the people who were being fucked six ways from Sunday, but instead blaming the conglomerates doing the fucking.

  9. Sigh, I don’t have a problem with you blaming the conglomerates, I disagree with just blaming ONE SIDE. Re-read my posts when I say that BOTH sides are to blame. The studios fucked the writers who in turn went on strike (last option or not) which fucked a bunch of non WGA people out of jobs. And I wasn’t speaking specifically about your dishonesty Annika, but the WGA argument in general being dishonest. When I said “you” I was referring in general to the WGA, sorry if that was not clear.

    But I can see that any attempt to place a tiny bit of responsibility on the WGA is completely out of the realm of possibility for most here. WGA = 100% Good and AMTP = 100% Bad seems to be the catchy slogan. I don’t understand why you have such a problem with me stating that the reality is probably somewhere in the middle.

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