Downey Swap Meet: Every Saturday

Although I have officially been on my three-week vacation since Friday afternoon, I have had less free time! I have been caught in a family whirlwind, and along with finishing up the last of the holiday shopping, my computer has been neglected since then. I have been trying to multi-task, but I dare any of you to tell my parents, “Look, can I type this while we watch Elf? I swear it still counts as family together time.”

I was very pleased then, when I was able to visit the Downey Swap Meet at Warren High School with my dad, my brother and his fiancee this past Saturday. I got to spend time with the ones I love and find stocking stuffers. As an added goodwill bonus, any money raised from parking and booth fees benefits the Downey High School Athletic Department.

Right as I walked in though the main gate, I stumbled upon three record bins. We all deserve to spoil ourselves. Although the majority of the records were mold-damaged, there were a few perfect specimens. Not pictured is a copy of Dennis Miller’s 1988 LP The Off-White Album. My brother, a huge SNL fan, would have enjoyed this, but alas he has no turntable.

To make it up to my brother, who dabbles in DIY home-repair, I found him a couple of giant 2-foot long combination wrenches for $10 each! We joked about various murders we felt like committing, but I relented once I tried picking up the things. Too heavy, which means too messy. Besides, it’s the holidays: I’ll cut down on my homicidal tendencies. I’d count this as part of the $20 project, but I spent way more than $20 that day.

I got my boyfriend a little Mach 5 from Speed Racer. It is currently hiding inside his stocking, and I hope he isn’t reading this. The gentleman who sold me this also had a diverse selection of high quality model cars, including a 8-inch long Mach 5, but at this point, I was already exceeding my budget.

There was a lady selling a bunch of Paul Frank stuff (which as far as I can tell is real). I got a little LEGO make-up bag for $10 and a hoodie for $30. My brother’s fiancee also got a hoodie. My dad paid for all this and said, “OK, Feliz Navidad.”

Besides getting a bunch of neat gifts, the flea market is something you can do together as a family or as a couple. It’s less stressful than the mall and a bit more personable. After all, you can’t talk down the price with the clerks at the Paul Frank on Melrose.

The Downey Swap Meet
Every Saturday @ Warren High School
8141 De Palma St.
Downey, Ca 90241
Main Office: (562) 869-7306
Pay for parking to benefit Downey High Athletic Dept.!
If you park on the street, please read parking signs carefully!

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