City Council: AMPTPT, come back to the table!

At tonight’s City Council meeting, Eric Garcetti made it clear that the strike is hurting Los Angeles and the AMPTP’s refusal to return to negotiations is unacceptable. He cited the many enormous benefits the city gives the studios and asked for their cooperation.

Councilmember Garcetti mentions that the studios benefit from various programs and tax breaks that the city and state have given them to try and keep entertainment work in California. Aside from help with zoning and land use, expedited permits, the use of government buildings to film in for free, and the expansion of their studio space, the entertainment sector are the lowest payers of business taxes in the city, and receive state tax credits as well.

Garcetti said it clearly: “We’ve put ourselves forward helping this industry out, and now we want it to help Los Angeles and resolve this strike as quickly as possible.”

More at United Hollywood.

I wasn’t able to attend the meeting, but that’s OK. The AMPTP didn’t bother showing up either.

One thought on “City Council: AMPTPT, come back to the table!”

  1. Holy crap, they didn’t even show up? Not even one mouthpiece in a suit? Wow. They are such total turds er grinches.

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