Secret LA Parking Tip: Westfield Fashion Square

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Sherman Oaks is a shopping Mecca. It is where Van Nuysians get their Gap on.

Curbed reported back in March that Westfield Fashion Square will be getting a makeover, bringing in 80 new stores, pretty trees, and millions more Van Nuysians creating end-of-days gridlock throught the SFV.

Present day shoppers will find that traffic on Riverside, Woodman, and Hazeltine is already the suck, and it’s Christmas, so Valley types are at a heightened state of crazy.

From the 101, exit Van Nuys Boulevard, North to Huston Street and turn right. Park at the Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park on your left, and walk one block South to Riverside Drive. You avoid the idiots roaming the mall garage for the perfect space, and you walk off some of that egg nog.

2 thoughts on “Secret LA Parking Tip: Westfield Fashion Square”

  1. Here’s my parking tip for the Westfield Promenade on the West Valley side of things.

    Park on top of the Topanga structure above the starbucks. It’s one set of stairs with no escalator or elevator access to the mall and it’s right next to the construction of the Neiman Marcus, so no one ever parks there.

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