Secret LA Parking Tip: West Hollywood Target

Avoid the main entrance on Romaine east of La Brea, and instead use the one off Formosa behind the Formosa Cafe. If spots inside are scarce, head straight down to the second level. Upon exit, you’ll be tempted to go back out the Formosa exit, but keep in mind the main exit has three ticket machines while Formosa only has one.

4 thoughts on “Secret LA Parking Tip: West Hollywood Target”

  1. Dude…that’s a real super secret, especially at this time of year. If I still lived over there, I’d be pissed right now. ;P Actually, no I wouldn’t since everyone who lives over there already uses Formosa.

    The only drawback to that “secret” is that the people heading north on Formosa are too self-absorbed to let you turn left into the lot. 90% of the females leaving the parking lot are incredibly dumb and really shouldn’t be allowed to drive (watch out for Volvo and SUV drivers) as they tend to take out parts of the median or get upset that you’re driving on your side of the road.

    So, sometimes it is better to sit through traffic on Romaine. I won’t even share the real super secret in getting into that lot faster. BWHAHAHAHAHA

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