IAAL•MAF: Biking For Burgerz

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/12/iaal-thumb.jpgNow that our plan for ultimate civic domination has commenced via our legitimizing appearance within the sidebar of a recent not anti-biking article published by the Los Angeles Times, I’m not gonna pimp hard our next International Association of Armed Librarians/Mobile Assault Force (IAAL•MAF) bike ride other than to say it’s laidback, somewhat impromptu and you’re more than welcome to come along with us this Tuesday night.

A contingent of your fictionally and nonfictionally oriented cyclistas will be gathering at the Felipe de Neve branch of the L.A. Public Library adjacent to LaFayette Park (map) for an 8 p.m. departure that will send us along the entire length of fabled Fourth Street Bike Boulevard to our destination of Indulge Cafe at 5101 Pico Blvd., recently opened by the original owners of the long-dormant, muchly missed and mightily mythologized Mo’ Better Meatty Meat Burgers (previously posted about here).

The five-mile one-way route is viewable here. And if it weren’t incentive enough just to bask in our shiny presencesses and winning personaliteez while cruising across Burger Town to the corner of Hot & Juicy, check it: I’ll even be packing several of these some-of-a-kind shirts to give away to whoever wants one while the short supply lasts.

P.S. On the STORMWATCH!!1!!1! tip, I won’t speak for the entire group, but personally I’m for rescheduling should there be any of the alleged measurable rainfall that’s being forecast for tomorrow afternoon/evening.

4 thoughts on “IAAL•MAF: Biking For Burgerz”

  1. Will…you crack me up. Where can I get that t-shirt?

    I swear you will singlehandedly make bicycling a viable option for commuting and just having fun. We will have to change the name from “bike lanes” to “campbell lanes”. You honor us all pal.

  2. Where do Librarians join???? I’ve been seeking a social outlet with other Librarians for a long time, but I’m all the way down in Torrance.

  3. I’m all for postponing until the skies clear. We could meet at the LA Gun Club and indulge the “armed” part of the IAAL.

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