Free Facebook Screening: National Treasure Book of Secrets

Remember the good ol’ days when they did MySpace screenings?

Now there are Facebook screenings and if you don’t mind getting there early and standing in line for a first-come first-served basis, you can see National Treasure Book of Secrets for free this Thursday, December 20 at the Landmark in West LA.


Just go register at and then print out. You can bring one guest.

One thought on “Free Facebook Screening: National Treasure Book of Secrets”

  1. This is a serious question. I’m very pro union and because of that I try to support everyone. Now a few weeks ago I got invited to a screening at Paramount and I declined owing to the strike, now I get invited to lots of screening owing to the fact that my friends always want to prove to me that there is something decent out there.

    Do people in the WGA care one way or the other if we go to screenings. I would think that is “breaking” the line or is that totally unrelated?

    Seriously I want to know what I should or should not be doing in regards to supporting the strike. Something substantial, not just a badge on my blog, which would never happen with my blog anyway.


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