Frigid dawn over Los Angeles

Only an idiot would get up at 5:30 in the morning to bike up to Griffith Observatory in bone-chilling 38-degree dark.

But this particular idiot was rewarded: dear Mother Nature put on the sort of raucous sunrise that only Maxfield Parrish and Walt Disney on an acid bender could have imagined. These photos are – but for cropping and sizing, absolutely unretouched.

Enjoy the light – without freezing your skull off – after the jump …

(click to make these unreasonably large:)

Cold enough for ya today?

14 thoughts on “Frigid dawn over Los Angeles”

  1. Thank’s for sharing at that hour I am up but the knees are gone so I won’t get the adventures like you did this morning.

  2. Those are Macktastic! And bonus: how did you know I was trying to think of Maxfield Parrish’s name yesterday and totally blanking.

  3. Wow Mack. Simply stunning shots. And at 38 degree as well…your are braver man then me for sure.

  4. Rad pictures. Saw the sky from the ocean, even more amazing.

    Try throwin’ on a wetsuit and dipping out in the ocean at 5:30am. At least surfing is more fun than bikin’. Sometimes.

  5. Can imagine how cool that woulda been from the Pacific.

    But, wetsuit??? Tienes cojones grandes, amigo.

    And hey, come biking some time when it’s not freezing. Hella fun.


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