Bugs Bunny is Hung? That ain’t no carrot pal


Before Anime showed up our grandparents and great-grandparents had their own animated porn. Urban legend has it that Bugs Bunny gave us the “money shot” in this 1934 cartoon. Our pals at Snope debunk the entire thing HERE.

More on the urban legend, others after the jump. Sorry for the teaser screen shot, but I couldn’t help it.

Now if you watch closely around the 2:55 mark as Bugs get out of the tub you will get the full bunny money shot (sorry for the pun but Bugs’ was good with the pun and I couldn’t resist). What you are seeing however is not one hung bunny but simply the tub between his open legs and towel.

What I tried in vain to find was the cartoon of “Everyready Hardon” that was released in 1928. My film history teacher at University SWORE it was done by Walt Disney and one of his pals at the Burbank studios. To prove his point he ran the Disney film “Steamboat Willy” (released in 1929) side by side with “Everready” pointing out the resemblance in the characters features, especially the barn yard animals (I won’t go there butt you get the point). He made a strong argument for his case as there quite a bit of similarity between the two. A bit of information on both films can be found HERE.
(If any of you have a link to it, or a youtube bit that I can embed here I will with proper credit).

Of course we know that the good folks at Disney have zero tolerance for porn, including joking about it. Ask Harlan Ellison if you have any doubt.

Regardless, no one will dispute that the adult film aka pron aka porn is a huge business in the Valley putting LA on top of yet another market. (I welcome any more suggestive remarks you can come up with).

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