12 Days Left

I hate the mall. Any mall. Shoe store, shoe store, Disney store, shoe store. Same annoying “Can I help you?” Same food court smell. I know this, because I’ve been there. Fashion Square. Topanga. Promenade. Town Center. If I see one more thumping Abercrombie, I’m going to lose my cookies.

12 shopping days left, and I’m running around in circles. It’s time to go Downtown.

If you’ve never been, you’re missing out on a truly unique L.A. experience. Rodeo it ain’t. Angelenic has put together a quick rundown on where to go for everything left on your list – jewelry, toys, clothes, books.

I’m going down there just to check out Downtown’s new pet store, Pussy & Pooch. I don’t even have a pet. But, this, I gotta see.

Yes. I am a child.

Photo of Olvera Street from fridayinla’s photostream

3 thoughts on “12 Days Left”

  1. I was down in “The Alley” last month, it was
    packed with people, that’s cool for tourist,
    but not for me, I’m done.

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