On Britney, Lindsay, Starbucks, Urth Cafe, and the dregs known as paparazzi

Can I state emphatically that I hate paparazzi? No? Well, then…

According to CelebrityStarbucks.com, Starbucks district managers in the San Fernando are considering banning Britney Spears from their stores due to the paparazzi madness that tail her like the leeches they are. See video after the jump of these low lifes following her into a Starbucks and crowding the place with cameras, ignoring a managers plea that they stop taking photographs or leaving… and trust me, I’m not one to ever defend Britney or uncamera-friendly management.

Officially, Starbucks headquarters in Seattle calls the Britney ban a “false rumor.” But they confirm there is an iron-clad policy of no cameras being allowed in any of its locations. [“Starbucks ban could kill Brit’s buzz,” Daily News]

And now TMZ.com has video up of Lindsay Lohan trying to walk out of Urth Cafe on Melrose to her car, only to be mobbed by these same paparazzi. What may not be so evident is that in their haste, these assholes knocked over a bussing station, sending some plates and cups to the pavement.

According to a buddy of mine who was witness to the scene, he said none of the paparazzi bothered to apologize or pay for the damage, and instead rushed to their cars to chase the malnourished starlet. Said friend also was disappointed that one paparazzi was only ALMOST hit by another by their car in the rush to chase LiLo.

(He also was proud to say you can see his BMW on the video, so he’s famous by proxy.)

Can anyone remind why these trash disgraces of journalists aren’t simply called stalkers?

8 thoughts on “On Britney, Lindsay, Starbucks, Urth Cafe, and the dregs known as paparazzi”

  1. No doubt, each one of those paparazzi are the lowest forms of shitbags. I would propose a new law which requires that an individual or representative of a business POLITELY (this is important; there’s no need to be rude) ask them to stop harassing the individual or leave the business immediately. If that polite request were ignored, the law would require that the individual or business use whatever heavy implement is handy to beat the paparazzi severely about the head and torso until they desist.

    On the other hand, they seem to be quite the motivators. I sure would like to be able to make a trip to Starbucks and be back in my car in under three minutes.

  2. Wouldnt the Urth Cafe be entitled to file vandalism charges if the said “papsmear-arazzi” were identified? And couldnt that lead to possible restraining orders guaranteeing some semblance of governance and law?

  3. Paparazzi antics are vile and outrageous to be sure, but that symptomatic shit is status quo because of every issue of the tabs that are sold and every click made at all those flourishing gossip sites.

    Hate the predatory photogs all you want, but I prefer to hate on the publications and the public that keep them snapping away and steamrolling over common decency.

  4. These papparazzi aren’t the real kind. They get tipped off by publicists and even the stars. You really think Britney doesn’t enjoy all this attention. You guys are all retarded.

  5. That’s not Urth, it’s Maison Midi Cafe on La Brea — since you can see on the video that American Rag Company is next door.

  6. No, thats really Urth. I wouldn’t be so certain if it wasn’t my buddy who gave me his first hand account of the action. And, having been bu Urth Cafe, I can say it looks just like it.
    Just make sure you’re watching the right video – TMZ’s permalinks seem a little messed up.

  7. Urth Cafe is the worst. I’m not ashamed to admit that when I lived over there and I’d see them scampering across the street, I’d accelerate or blast my horn. Paparazzi are worth 50K points. That’s way more than anorexic hipster in oversized sunglasses (35k, 8K bonus points if they’re on a mobile device).

    But they are doing their jobs. I mean, some of these people hire paparazzi to shoot them just to create a buzz. Some of them are told directly from a publicist where to go. Pffft…maybe publicist could be worth 65K points.

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