Help Nominate L.A.’s Grinch of the Year!

Once again, Metroblogging Los Angeles would like to help Santa choose which Angeleno (or foe of Angelenos) deserves to be declared the Grinch of the Year, only this time we’d like your help picking nominees.

Last year’s winner was Zuma Dogg, who was and continues to be a thorn in the side of City Council. Runners up included South Central Farmers enemy Ralph Horowitz, real estatre mogul Geoff Palmer, and the management of Indie 103.1.

Basically, we’re looking for any individual or group who has impacted a cross section of Los Angeles, or the city as a whole, in any negative way. I don’t think more explanation is necessary than that they define “Grinch” or “Scrooge.”

Some early suggestions include: AMPTP President Nick Counter (representing the producers side of the WGA strike), the LAPD for its actions during the May Day protests in MacArthur Park, and Jon Kirk Muri, GM of the Dept. of Recreation and Parks, but not opening burned sections of Griffith Park up as fast as some residents would have liked.

Just leave a comment below with your nomination, and let us know why you believe they deserve the dishonor. The writing staff here at will then narrow it down to manageable number for readers to vote on beginning on Monday, December 17th. (The actual winner will be announced Thursday, December 20.)

25 thoughts on “Help Nominate L.A.’s Grinch of the Year!”

  1. I’m gonna toss in the LAUSD for any number of reasons but most prominently the lengthy snafu involving their retarded payroll system that left teachers struggling just to get their paychecks.

    And on a personal nominee note, whoever the fuck was driving the black Chrysler with the pitch tinted windows and the Consular Service licence plate CTG 1228 who missed me and my bike by *that* much on 4th Street in Hancock Park last night: this grinch is for you, too. Perhaps we’ll meet again and I can deliver it personally, fuckstick.\

  2. I’m with Will…most of the peoplke I think of work for the LAUSD, so the entire organization would be fine with me. But just so an entire year of not paying teachers, they should win.

  3. I don’t see how anyone could beat Nick Counter, since he (and the AMPTP) is responsible for more people being out of work that I can count. Merry fucking Christmas. But I do think the LAUSD deserves a runner-up prize.

  4. Let me nominate Pasadena Mayor Bogaard. He literally threw a grandma out of a public meeting for speaking up against the communist Chinese govt haveing a float in the Rose Parade. Nothing like stamping out freedom of speech.

    Then he puts together a measure that includes the ability to tax internet access, denies it, hires an attorney to defend it when he get’s called on it. Guess what, the latest is his own attorney’s say Measure D WOULD ALLOW taxing of internet access, but of course they won’t do that as Fed Law prevents that for at least another 7 years.

    My second nomination would be Monrovia Mayor “Bob the Builder” Hammond and our city manager for cancelling the public hearings on the proposed amendments to the General Plan. After a lot of opposition in the May meeting the future hearings were cancelled. Our ability to comment is now restricted to a couple of normal city council and one more Planning Dept meeting during the limited public comment portions of those meetings. Nothing like limiting discussion to a bare minimum to keep the word from getting out or getting real public input on controversial changes.

  5. For trying to take away my fast food, make my football team leave the Coliseum, micromanage my police protection, and force his preferred color code on my local rail line for no good reason, I nominate my councilclown Bernard Parks.

  6. I nominate the BRU. Without them, the Wilshire subway would have been built by now, or at least be a heckuva lot closer than it currently is. Thanks guys! Is there some sort of lifetime grinch-chievement award we can give them?

  7. Garcetti. For being the most visual example of a low level politician pandering to any vocal element of any nonsensical group so his profile will rise for the inevitable run for mayor.

  8. The MTA as a whole, for making me pay a dollar eveyday I ride, even though I have a bus pass.

  9. Unless I hear a better nominee, I’ll be voting for LAUSD – if not Admiral David L. “Do-Nothing” Brewer, who makes sleepy lethargist Jim Hahn look like the very picture of kickass-takenames effectiveness.

    Brewer and the District not only managed to botch the paychecks and ensuing account-balancing fiasco for THOUSANDS of underpaid, hardworking teachers. They then proceeded to spend $1.4-million on a PR campaign including a $178,000 salary to some Telemundo alum to try putting a happy face on the whole debacle.


  10. I nominate the Cheviot Hills Homeowners Association, for fervently opposing the EXPO line phase 2 due to the less-than-1/2 mile that the subway to the sea would run through their delicate neighborhood. Although they are more bark than bite, their selfish NIMBY-ism is a quintessential example of “I don’t want to disrupt my community for a nanosecond in order to benefit the greater good of our collective city.” Sigh.

  11. I’m all for the LAUSD. Not because of the teacher pay SNAFU, but for the general collapse of the educational system, and their leading role in it.

  12. I’d like to go Garcetti but he didn’t steal Christmas, just over spent on it.

    I’m voting LAUSD. It’s just criminal that they waste our tax dollars, have a crap system AND don’t pay their people on time? Thats a true Grinch if ever there was one.

    FYI, if I didn’t pay my employees in full and on time just once, the city would close me down and haul me away.

  13. Nick Counter and the producers. While they will be relaxing during the holidays on their yahts and flying in their private jets to places to expensive for me to name, many people out of work during the strike are struggling to afford presents for their children.

  14. Man, so many good nominees!

    My brother was luckily unaffected by the LAUSD crisis; I think he was one of the only people to receive a proper paycheck the whole time. I still vote for them because that’s such an insane situation.

    Counter and Cheviot Hills also get nods! Fuck them!

  15. Not all of LAUSD, many good people doing great things for our kids and many people tring to do great things. I would vote for the people who sold LAUSD the pay check system, Admiral David L. Brewer for ding nothing to help the teachers or our studnet and/or the people on the school board who picked Brewer.
    The Cheviot Hills Homeowners Association and the Bus Riders Union are also good choices.

  16. oh no…as much as i’d like to win again, this year, I don’t have a chance. I’ve been waaaaaaay too good — and everyone else has been waaaaaaaaaay too bad.

    I like johnny at December 12, 2007 08:50 AM suggestion. and everyone else who nominated garshady.

  17. Sorry to say, this is not a perfect World, there are no perfect people, and there are certainly no perfect politicians. However, we elect leaders and grant them powers to guide, secure, and improve our lives in a complex and diverse society. Unfortunately, the ‘common good’ is too often trumped by the ‘special good’ and the ‘common man’is isolated. So, who shall we call a “Grinch”? I think the ‘shoe fits’ all, but once a year at Christmas we have the opportunity to reflect on changes to our life.

  18. common…give Brewer a break. wouldn’t be surprised if it was one anti-Brewer spinner from a certain mayor’s office mounting the Brewer “Grinch” nomination. (Or maybe he is just taking the hit for the entire LAUSD board…even though Vigarosa has Brewer’s hands tied with his shady majority that he bought and paid for.

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