Yuleblogging LA: Santa Goes West

MaeWest01.jpg“My left leg is Christmas and my right leg is New Year’s. Why don’t you visit me between the holidays?” -Mae West

Today’s yuletide selection is as genuinely unique as its performer, the lucious Mae West. It has very little to do with our fair, sunny city, besides it having been recorded here by the longtime Hollywood resident, but its too much fun to keep to myself.

You may be surprised to know that in 1966 the screen goddess recorded two “rock’n’roll” albums that quickly became cult hits. The first was “Way Out West” which went into rotation on numerous college radio stations. Ms. West followed this up with “Wild Christmas,” an eight song LP that has since gone out of print.

Mae West died in 1980 at the age of 87 at the Ravenswood Apartments at 570 N. Rossmore. Almost up to the end, the ever accessible West kept her telephone listed so that fans could check up on her and “come up and see her sometime.” Apparently, this invitation was open to even Kris Kringle.

The tune: “Santa, Come Up and See Me.” (but I have to admit it gets a little creepy that the lyrics include, “bring your reindeer too.”)

Download and read more about the album at the Christmas Yuleblog.

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