Recipe: Gridlock Souffle with Mangled Wreckage

eyeball.jpgIf you drive through the already-nasssty 10/110 interchange and you value your life, you may want to jump into Wednesday’s City Council meeting to protest:

The council’s reviewing Clear Channel‘s proposal to erect two 14-by-48-foot digital billboards downtown facing the 10.

Less than 100 feet away. Angled towards traffic. And flashing eye pollution 24/7 …

Anyone who’s had their retinas scorched at night by the bigass flatscreen epilepsy-generators on Sunset or the 405 in South Bay knows that putting two of these monsters near one of the busiest, most effed-up interchanges in the world is the very pinnacle of FTW greed.

Citywatch recommends:

If you are concerned about visual blight and traffic safety, or if you believe the public is ill-served when important matters of public policy are decided behind closed doors as part of lawsuit settlements, please call or send an e-mail to your councilmember urging him or her to vote against accepting this EIR. In addition, you can send comments to the planning commission asking members to reject the supplemental use district that will allow these billboards.

Comments can be sent to [email protected].

Anyone care to estimate the cost to the courts, insurance companies, CHP and uninsured drivers’ wallets – not to mention people’s bumpers, fenders necks, ribs and spleens – if Clear Channel gets its way?

2 thoughts on “Recipe: Gridlock Souffle with Mangled Wreckage”

  1. The city of Paris has no billboards. Paris is beautiful. I know this isn’t Paris, but it’s beautiful, no?
    If this flies through city council, they better only show a smiling geisha popping pills on those things.

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