Only in LA: Happy Hanukkah from the Shanghai Grill The other night I found myself struck by a serious falafel craving, so I jumped in the car and motored over to Nagila on Pico, where I ordered 10 balls for the road. On my way over I did, indeed, cross paths with a menorah-clad van (my second sighting). Nagila was packed with local Hasidim and other assorted reps of the Orthodox lifestyle, and it being Hanukkah, there was an enormous menorah set up by the salad counter. Best of all, on a table beside the menorah lay a big tray of complimentary latkes. Festive!

Meanwhile, next door at the Shanghai Grill the large menorah in the front window illuminated the olive skin of the Persian hostess. I ask you, where else but in LA would you find a Chinese restaurant with a menorah in the window and a Persian hostess?

Tonight is the last night of Hanukkah, which means it’s your last chance for a year to indulge in Nagila’s complimentary latkes, and to see Moshiach-fueled vans cruising Pico with menorahs tied to their roofs.