Yes, Virginia, There Is A Black Santa Claus

And Jasmyne Cannick has found him:

If you’re in L.A. and you’re looking for a Black Santa for your holiday photos, Mr. Patterson is at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. most days, even Santa apparently has to take a break.

(For some reason though, Jasmyne was hesitant to sit in his lap. Perhaps she should have considered using a Santy Wrap?)

4 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, There Is A Black Santa Claus”

  1. That is funny. Years ago a friend sent me the crudest card ever. It was santa looking up a little girls skirt. The inside caption: “yes vagina, there is a santa claus”. From that day forward I can’t help remembering. Does that make all santa’s pervs too?

  2. I would never consider old men who like to dress up in pajamas, go to the mall and have children sit in their laps…


    What was the question?

  3. Of course there’s a Black Santa Claus. I don’t know a Black family in LA who has pictures with a white Santa, though my friends did find a Korean Santa in Redlands (or somewhere out there) last year.

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