Please Drive Carefully, RIP Sam and Rhiannon

I’m trying to write a euology for an acquaintance that died over the weekend.

Sam Cassel was killed with Rhiannon Meier early Saturday morning by an allegedly drunk driver at Sunset and Gower. They died instantly when the driver ran a red light.

Sam was a friend of a friend. He was a bright guy who knew his stuff and had a bright career ahead of him.

It’s hard to know what to write without resorting to lofty, empty phrases. They were too young, too smart, too beautiful to deserve such a fate.

But then again, no one deserves such a random and brutal end. No family deserves to get that phone call.

Driving around in our crumple-zone infested, air-bagged cars, it’s easy to forget the inherent dangers of driving around multi-ton vehicles in close proximity to each other. We weave in and out of traffic, impatient to get around slow people and hurrying along in our lives.

But it is dangerous, and it does kill a lot of people every year.

Don’t drink and drive, and don’t speed and drive recklessly even if you’re sober. You’re playing a game not only with your won life, but the lives of everyone around you.

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  1. i read about that accident. i am so sorry to hear they were your friends. i had so many questions about that accident. its awful.

  2. This is a horrible story that sadly plays out every day.

    Sadder still is that so many people LET this happen. From bartenders who don’t cutoff clearly inebriated customers, to the ‘ol friends who let friends drive drunk (and laugh about it later). When it results in said person getting into their car without resistance and killing someone, they’re all accomplices to murder.

  3. I read about this story too and found myself at 2:30pm today driving easterly on Sunset thinking about the killer behind the wheel between the “Chevy Chase” Theatre and Gower. Not a speck of any reminder on the pavement or sidewalk.

  4. Drinking an driving causes these tragedies, but so many persist in doing it and allowing their friends to do it too. I was driving on Sunset in Hollywood on Saturday night and remember noticing how many reckless drivers there were. This is an epidemic in LA.

  5. just read that this guy had a previous dui. why doesn’t the law take this crime more seriously? ridiculous to have people with multiple dui’s driving around.

  6. I knew Sam too, and he was a really really nice guy. There were several of us a few years ago at Broder around the same age, between all the assistants and me, the receptionist, so we all bonded and got along really well. That was the closest group of work friends I’ve ever had. He truly was a good guy; I really liked him and was so happy to see how well he was doing in the industry as of late.

    This is so senseless and sad. Yet ANOTHER reminder of the repercussions of drunk driving, yet nothing seems to change.

  7. Kent –

    I am working on an article on Sam for The Reporter, a newspaper in Landale, PA that covers the area where Sam grew up and the school district that he attended.

    Any comments/quotes you or anyone else want to say about Sam would really help the story.

    Please contact me at [email protected]

    Thank you

    Tony Di Domizio

  8. It’s a shame! I was googling this accident, because I was one of the few who witnessed it. I felt bad I couldnt even drive after the fact, but I had to, to get home and I saw a lot of drunk drivers that night…it’s crazy. My heart goes out to everyone in there familes. I will never forget this, ever!

  9. So sorry about your loss.

    I knew Rhiannon. My brother was married to Rhiannon’s mother for a time and he is the father of Rhiannon’s little sister.

    My brother was truly broken up hearing about he accident. It’s so sad that anyone would get drunk then drive.

    I agree it puts lives in peril. Does a person think about that? They put their desires before others. Did this driver survive?

    I didn’t know Sam, but he sounds like a great guy. What tragedy!!!

    Is there any more information about the accident?

    e-mail me at: [email protected]

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