LA Leaking

crews.jpg By now everyone who uses Coldwater Canyon to sneak into WLA and avoid the 405 knows a DWP water main broke and flooded Eddie Van Halen’s pool closing the street for hours. The complete story can be found here at KNBC.COM.

This morning a 55+ year old 4″ water main on my street split. I first noticed little springs coming up from the street when the better half and I went out for our annual December Date Day and a little shopping for the kidlets. We returned to find what must have been the entire Monrovia Public Works on scene.

More pics and my neighbor’s theory on multiple pipe bursts (urban legend in the making?) after the jump.

Wrong hole, wrong hole. If you can’t find the leak at first keep digging until you find it? Sheesh.


Pumping out the pit so the other guy can get to the leak. The guy in the T-shirt is my neighbor Gary, lucky for us he doesn’t miss a trick on what comes up and down our street.

Swimming in muck trying to get at the pipe to patch it with a slip collar. I bet he wishes he had a wet suit on today.

Admiring his patch and waiting for the pump to clean out the hole so they can pressure test it.

Now for the fun stuff. Another neighbor swears that we are due for a big Earthquake. She claims that in the weeks prior to every big earthquake pipes split and break as pressure builds and the land starts to deform its shape prior to the quake. She says this one will be a really big one since there have been big leaks in the south bay, the valley and now here. She goes on to claim every big claim since Whittier Narrows has been preceded by pipe breaks. She says disappearing pets is urban legend. Either this is the stuff of urban legend or she needs to hit the wagon again and dry out.

Pics by me with the trusty cell phone.

3 thoughts on “LA Leaking”

  1. I think your neighbor must have just seen Conspiracy Theory (it was on HBO over the weekend) as Mel Gibson’s character goes on about earthquakes too…

  2. With the pipes down 3 feet I don’t think the temp was that much a factor. I remember in the midwest pipes freezing only after days of subzero.

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