Body found in Los Feliz

If you live in Los Feliz and have been pulling your hair out all weekend trying to remember where you left that body, and have been worried you might have thrown it out with last weeks trash, you can stop stressing. The LAPD’s Hollywood Division found it in a dumpster and you can probably just swing by and pick it up or whatever. Toodles!

12 thoughts on “Body found in Los Feliz”

  1. I was actually fine with it up until the “Toodles!” That particular farewell bothers me to no end.

  2. “toodles” is the sign off I use anytime I’m being sarcastic as hell and don’t mean anything I’m writing, but besides that I challenge anyone to find a post I’ve ever written showing respect for human life. Besides, I’m in Europe at the moment, I’m sure any number of things can be blamed on that.

  3. I see you’re in Vienna, lucky for you it’s not so close to where I am at the moment. But if I can get there in January, I’ll come and find you.

  4. SDPS – unless you are planning to actually kill me, as in dead, there’s not much you can do to me that hasn’t already been done but if you get off on that kind of thing go for it. Unfortunately for you I won’t be in Vienna in January but I don’t use fake names online and I make it really easy to find me so if you are that determined step right up.

  5. Mr. Bonner, you sound like a total loser.
    Someone who goes around making worthless comments about things they have no real understanding of.

    I really hope he finds you in January.

  6. Also, just to clarify this a little more, the article I’ve linked to above had been updated and now has actual info, when I wrote this post it didn’t. Which is unfortunately typical and the point of this post, the “news” report was “body found” and not much else. This happens all the time in LA, rather than waiting to get real info they write articles that say nothing. I’m mocking that.

    If they’d written the article that is live now I’d have had no reason to write the above post.

  7. Everything you write is nonsense. Do you read things back before you hit the ‘post’ button?
    I have the same IP address as who exactly?
    I called you a loser, but I didn’t post above that.

    Just shows what you know about computers.
    Anyone else can check for themselves, so no point lying about it Mr. Bonner.

  8. You are right I’m an idiot, i mixed up the RIPE results. It’s only a lie if I did it on purpose, I’m just stupid. Sorry for the error, to clarify:

    “August” and “Patrica” both used the same e-mail address “[email protected]” and are coming from BT Ireland Broadband.

    “SDPS” used the e-mail “[email protected]” and is coming from BT Broadband, which is the main company in the UK.

    A quick chat with the friendly folks at BT has informed me that due to their routing it would not be difficult for all of the IP addresses associated with above comments to come from the same house/office/location it would just depend on the accounts that were logged in at the time. Though to be fair, it’s entirely possible they are coming from different places. Both e-mails having “Smyth” in them however would suggest at least some kind of connection. My appologies for making assumptions.

    Luckily all this crap is trackable and I should have more info from BT shortly so we’ll see.

  9. Hey Sean,
    Aren’t you the clever one. If your post of Dec 18 is an attempt at an apology it’s quite a poor one, though I doubt you ever apologise for much. Regardless of whether the news report was complete or not is really no excuse. Perhaps next time you’ll wait, but I doubt it considering your strapline.
    In this case you have caused distress to me and my family. How dare you make the murder of another human subject to your callous (attempted) wit. You clearly have no respect for others, and you should be ashamed at your attempt to make a name for yourself in this fashion. But if that’s the best you can do – then carry on. I was angry with you, but not anymore. I pity you, if you have to fill your days doing this.

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