The $20 Project–Holiday Gifts Edition: Handmade Soap

Need a gift for a teacher or sister-in-law or niece or nephew and you just aren’t sure what would work? Try Soaptopia in Mar Vista. They make luscious all-natural soaps, bath salts, lotions and oils (and more) in their workshop/store for all kinds of people on your list. The soaps have great names (and scents) like Fall and Oats, Ms. Afro D. Sheak, Sage Against The Machine, Woody Wood Pepper, Tequila Sunrise, and my favorite seasonal “flavor” Candy Cane. (Click the picture for more gorgeous detail of all those soaps!)

Each large bar is $6, but you can get $5 for $25. I needed to buy three gifts when I was there the other day. For each receiver (my mom, my step-mom and my 19 year old niece) I bought two bars of soap (Candy Cane and Ocean’s 12) and a jar of 50/50 Body Balms (in various scents). Because I bought six bars of soap, they were all $5 each and the body balms were $12 each. So each gift box ended up being $22 (before tax). I said to my friend that I was hoping for $20 per box and Kyle, the promotions manager, heard me and said, “I can give these to you for $20 per box.” See how nice it is when you shop at a locally owned business? (I can’t guarantee that Kyle will be there every time or that you will get the same discount, but the point is you can always ask. This is not something as easily done at Target.)

Soaptopia even adds value as they have the most gorgeous eco-friendly gift wrapping (Thanks Felix!) to go along with the items you choose. Support your local businesses and cross off all those Nice people on your list. Heck even the Naughty ones might enjoy a little Red Hot Lover.

12228 1/2 Venice Blvd.
Mar Vista
(Shop at the store or online)

Join me after the jump for how my gifts look and even more lovely images from the Soaptopia website.

Here are the gifts I got for my family. (They all live elsewhere and I’m 99.9% sure they don’t read this blog…)(click for bigger)


Examples of other wrapping from their website:

They have many Holiday Specials at a variety of prices including a men’s shaving kit that looks a lot like this:

Something for everyone!

3 thoughts on “The $20 Project–Holiday Gifts Edition: Handmade Soap”

  1. I highly recommend checking out their store: Just walking in smells so great, and right now it’s decorated for the holidays and very pretty. All the soaps are nice, but my favorites are Mint Condition and Red Hot Lover.

    And I DO hope no one is looking who shouldn’t be! You’ll spoil your own surprise!

  2. I love the handmade natural soaps, they are the only ones that I can use that actually moisturize my skin, the others like Lush and L’Occitane irritate my skin cause they have petroleum synthetic ingredients that make my skin dry and break out. Ive tried them all and these are hands down the best. My favorites are Stayin A Lime and Miami Vice (Sweet Orange Blossom and Key Lime Essential Oils) and the Vanilla (awesome). I also am now addicted to the Oil Slathers, I use ’em all over my body, face and hair, Im always smelling great. Great job Soaptopia~!

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