Um…the rain is more than a little early

Damn, it came early and hard. The RAIN silly. Dropped nearly 1/4″ here in outer monrovia before it let up. Will this be the big drencher promised? With this be the one to break our local drought? (I won’t hold my breath for the western states drought though as that has now moved to the persistant category).

I just had to be the first with this important weather news. You know the drill, a good hit of nyquil and annoying you one keystroke at a time. G’night all!

2 thoughts on “Um…the rain is more than a little early”

  1. Wow…last night around 10pm, I finally got my husband up on the roof of the garage to put up our ghetto fabulous blue tarp. No rain. By 11:30pm, I was pissed and ranting about all the, “Late afternoon, 3″ of rain” drama I had been reading about. When it finally did rain, it’s sheer drizzle! And my plants are pissed at me. They said, “You didn’t water us for this? We’ll see how we’ll perform come spring.” I think they’re planning a mutiny.

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