Get tattooed by Kat Von D for $20, help her make a World Record

katvond.jpgReality star aims to tat/brand 400 people in 24 hours with “L.A.” logo.

As jaded as I am by the whole celebrity spotting thing in Los Angeles, there’s still something oddly surreal about my local Ralphs Grocery Store sharing the same parking lot as High Voltage Tattoo, the La Brea and Fountain storefront used for the reality show L.A. Ink.

Driving by I’ll frequently see tourists and other “looky-loos” peering inside what looks like just another tattoo parlor, but every once the place will be jammed with camera crews, and just last week there was a camera jib being worked outside on the sidewalk. Y’know, to capture the reality.

Well, if you’d also like to join in the reality, the star of L.A. Ink, the voluptuously gorgeous Kat Von D, is offering $20 tattoos beginning at noon, Friday, December 14th, all in an effort to get into Guiness.

From Kat:

I know it’s short notice, but here’s your chance to help me out AND be part of history! I’m gonna be tattooing for 24 HOURS STRAIGHT, and I’m aiming at doing 400 tattoos! I’m pretty sure with the help of everyone, this can be an amazing and fun success!

As for me, I’m squeemish enough about the idea of getting a tattoo, let alone having anyone try to needle me on, say, the 19th hour or later.

Full details, rules, etc., are up at Naked Tattoo News, including the catch: you don’t get to choose the tattoo. Kat writes, “I’m gonna be doing an “LA” tattoo logo that was approved by Guinness.”

18 thoughts on “Get tattooed by Kat Von D for $20, help her make a World Record”

  1. It’s early so I might be off on these calculations.

    400 tattoo’s in 24 hours at $20.00 each equals 3.75 minutes each on 16 tattoos at $333.00 per hour.

    At the end of the day she’s in the record books and $8k richer. Participants are stuck with a crap 3.75 minute tattoo and are $20.00 poorer. If I were her I’d do this scam once a month and then close shop for the other 29 days.

  2. $8k minus supplies. Still, damn good for a day’s work! It does look like she is doing a set design (“LA”) so I imagine the work will remain far more consistent than it would if the design were anything-goes. The question is, will she find 400 people who want “LA” tattooed on their bodies?

  3. You know I never, ever considered one. Too squeamish is the main reason. But…maybe having LA done fast short and sweet is an idea. Maybe we can make it a project for here, convince her to make it a Bla?

  4. Somehow I overlooked that you couldn’t choose your tattoo – just amended the post to point this out.

    Indeed, $8000 seems like a pretty good take. Anyone know what the raw cost of supplies average for a small tattoo?

  5. Would you really want to be under the needle by hour 20? Let’s home there’s some non-shakes-inducing stimulant available to keep her up that long.

  6. I want a LA tat, of the Mear One or Usugrow varieties, but… What design is it? Dodger thuggin’ LA? LA Ink LA????

  7. It’s the LA part of the LA Ink logo in the accompanying photo. I’m trying to figure out how they’ll handle the 2 color requirement. Black outline and filled in with something else? It seems more suited to a solid color.

  8. I’m very seriously considering going down there and getting it done! (To the point of dreaming about it last night…) But then I think — will I be a promotional tool (in both senses of the word) for TLC for the rest of my life?! Or because I live in and work in LA LA land, would it be just perfect to have a tattoo based on an ink artist’s tv show logo?

  9. This is retarded.

    You do realize that (minus painful and expensive laser removal) this is PERMANENT, right?

    Would you honestly want to walk around for the rest of your life sporting at shitty 3-minute tattoo done as a publicity stunt for Someone Else???


  10. Since I already have 3 tattoos, I get the concept of “permanent” and as for the other question, see my above comment!

    woo hoo!

  11. considerin gettin it done 2. i was semiconsiderin a tatoo and would have prob done an la logo as well. shes also giving all the $ raised to a charity in africa or somethin. not sure specifics but ya, its all goes to a charity. lol jus curious about how the line wil be. finish college midterm at 3pm, drive up 3 hrs to la, get the tatt like midnight? lol ne1 else thinkin of going?

  12. hi katy kat my name s tony from france.i want a face my dog it s a pitt bull black and white with 1 eye bleu and brown.i com to LA dec 27,i like your tattoo (and you)my friends live mira loma and covinawrite me please thanck you. big french kiss.tony

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