TREEWATCH!!1! update

chainsaw.jpgThe Street Services men and their chainsaws arrived around 9:30. OMG! Chainsaws are really, really loud. And yes, I knew that, but when two chainsaws are going nonstop for an hour or more you realize just how loud they are.

They’re just about done now, so look for my third and final TREEWATCH!!1! installment later today.

I’m kind of sad that it’s all over so fast. Those street services guys are really very efficient.

Three (real) pics behind the cut.




4 thoughts on “TREEWATCH!!1! update”

  1. If those pictures were taken on 5th and Hobart, I’m pretty sure that tree fell over in the middle of the night. There were two cars underneath it when I passed it on my way to work around 8:30am.

    Bad day for those guys…

  2. I am pretty sure the cars’ owners were among the crowd gathered last night, and today I saw one of the cars drive out from under the tree branches (under the direction of the Street Services dudes), so I think it somehow managed to be not as bad as it looked. Still – can you imagine finding your car under a TREE?

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