TREEWATCH!!1! finale


The noise has finally stopped. The chainsaws only took about 1.5 hours to make mincemeat of the fallen tree, but the truck that came to pick up the pieces took FOR-FUCKING-EVER. And it beeped. A lot. (Actually, the noise stopped about an hour and a half ago, but my kiddo woke up from his nap so I got distracted from writing this post. Bygones!)

The tree is totally gone now except for some sawdust that should disappear fairly soon, given the traffic and the breeze.

I realized something interesting: no car alarms went off when the tree fell. Normally we get at least one car alarm nightly, often because somebody dared to breathe near somebody else’s car. It is very, very annoying. But when an entire tree falls down? Nada.

More pictures follow. Because I had nothing better to do today than walk down the street three times to take pictures of a tree. (I did not bother going a fourth time to take pictures of the lack of tree. I trust you all to use your imaginations.)





3 thoughts on “TREEWATCH!!1! finale”

  1. agreed with El Chavo, but can you answer a question? Will a new sidewalk be installed or will you get that backtop goo stuff pasted over it like in the lower-income sections of town?

  2. Thanks, guys! Fabooj, I may have to post a Part 4 because I have no idea what will happen with the sidewalk! The sidewalk was always buckled from the roots, so as long as they fill in the hole it should be fine – but I am hoping they will remove the roots from beneath the sidewalk and plant a new tree.

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