New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles

A friend of mine is looking for a classy New Year’s Eve event. Something with a big band. Where people go when dressing up means more than dark jeans and a trendy jacket that you bought on Melrose.

I started poking around the usual sites… Metromix, Going, Citysearch. Then I realized that I’ve done this before… Last year, in fact. My friends know how well that turned out, since we spent the night singing karaoake at Residuals, and Claire redecorated the women’s restroom.

Where are all the sophisticated Hollywood events? The black tie billionaire ball at the historic downtown hotel? The champaign toast and balloon drop? If they exist, please, let us know. We yearn for the glitz and glamor of yesteryear.

Otherwise, we may be stuck watching Cheap Trick at the Canyon Club. And that, would be the suck.

Photo of the Coconut Grove in the Ambassador Hotel from USC Digital Archives

6 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles”

  1. Where are the classy parites? They’re at my house. HAHAHA

    Since we’ve had kids, NYE means staying at home. This also means dressing up and eating fine foods with my friends and family. Last year was pretty hectic, what with us in a new house, and pukey kid, but still it was fun and my neighborhood goes nuts with fireworks until 3am.

    This year, the theme is white and silver, and everyone must dress in white. The person with the least amount of red wine stains at the end of the night wins.

    I highly suggest throwing your own intimate shindig instead of being one of a faceless thousand.

  2. An evening with Cheap Trick wouldn’t be that bad, or is a cheap trick and I went down the wrong path?

    Classy shindig…I quit going out on New Years Eve after we nearly got creamed on the freeway.

    We now host the parties at my house or a neighbors. That way we can crawl home and if that doesn’t work the kids can put my sorry butt in their wagon and drag me home.

    A fun time is had by all.

  3. I like to fly to NYC for New Years Eve. I gave up on organized city events in L.A.. It’s kinda sad for such a large city, but you can’t beat the weather!

  4. I am doing the New Years search right now! Did nobody have any answers for the classy new year party? I am new in town and my out of town friend is coming for the holiday, so having my own hosted party isn’t much of a choice. We plan on staying in a hotel as wel, so we are not worried about the driving.

    Still searching……………..

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