Most Half-Assed Protest Ever?

I’m writing this on my Blackberry, walking south on Beverly Drive, between Wilshire and Olympic. At 9454 Wilshire, on the Beverly Drive side, there are a half-dozen people marching in a circle with signs protesting one Ira Friedman. The signs say things like “Ask Ira how he makes his money”, Hey Ira, is money more important than integrity?” and “If I come up to suite 313, will you cheat me?” Yet when I asked each of them, one by one, who Ira was and what he did, no one answered. They shrugged at explaining, and didn’t seem to know the name of the man they were protesting. One man said only that they were doing it for a friend – but that was all anyone would say.

I wondered if this was a scene of some kind, because there was a cameraman filming the whole thing across the street. But then I googled poor Ira, and there he was: a lawyer. The question is, what did he do to merit a protest outside his offices – especially such an uninformed, unenthusiastic mini-mob?