Mayor Tells USC and Coliseum to Knock It Off

USC said they would leave. The Coliseum said whatev. Mayor V stepped in.

According to the Times, the mayor has issued a seven-point proposal to keep the two from MySpace comment-hating each other.

1 USC long-term commitment, blah blah blah

2 Major renovation… modern standards and stuff

3 Something about restrooms and concession areas

4 USC will pay for it

5 Coliseum is a public treasure, yadda yadda yadda

6 Coliseum will be treated at all times as an historical landmark, etc., etc.

7 Forget I said any of this if we get the Olympics to come back to L.A.

Now, both of you go to your rooms and think about what I said!

Photo of an Empty Public Treasure from bradunc01’s photostream

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