Forecast: Tasty little waves

ELASurf3.jpgIf you surf, you’re probably not seeing this because you’ve been neoprened and out catching huge sets since dawn.

If not – if you boat, or you wish you surfed, or you just like dipping your toes or even swimming – then you’ll want to know that a big, fat passel of 900-foot-high waves is fixin’ to smash our beaches this week:

Southern California including the Los Angeles County coastline is currently experiencing a series of large swells coming from the W and WNW, which have produced some large surf ranging from 4′ – 8′ with even bigger sets. The swells are expected to peak Wednesday afternoon and surf expected to be in the 8′ – 12′ range with even bigger sets. The result of large surf and uneven bottom equals dangerous ocean conditions and extremely dangerous “RIP CURRENTS”. These swells and conditions are expected to run through the end of the week.

So you can either get out there and risk your fool neck, or you can live vicariously through this helpful (and slick) buncha surf cams at Stormsurf. Check out the 360-degree panning cams at Will Rogers State Beach, Surfrider and Zuma, where sand berms are up and it’s already getting big out there.

Personally, I dream of living the last scene in Escape from L.A.. That’s me in the Caddy. Mostly cause I have no effin’ idea what this guy is talking about:

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