A Field Trip to UCLA

Having been a Bruin (Go Bruins!), I like taking my students to see the campus. Kids from South LA are always amazed at the sight of the it: large academic buildings, lush green lawns, beautiful libraries — and, of course, attractive coeds.

We did some math activities through the Mathematics Project at UCLA, and then we ate lunch in one of the undergraduate dining halls near the dorms. Despite your unpleasant memories of undergraduate dining hall food, 9th graders love having all those options available (although I gotta admit, the chicken sandwich was pretty good and the salad was fresh). “Miss, are you saying that if I were a student here, I could just walk in and start eating all that pizza? OMG HAMBURGERS! There’s an ice cream machine?! What do you mean I put my dishes on the conveyor belt? Can I really go get more french fries?!”

image courtesy of shadowlite’s flickr stream

Since the college students are studying for finals, we toured a dorm during “22 hours of quiet” time. “Miss, are you telling me that they have to be quiet all day? How long are their finals? Can they really put up posters of girls in bikinis? How many people live in there?! Can boys and girls have sleepovers?”

We toured the pool, and both boys and girls were eager to see some hot coed action. “Miss, can I go talk to that girl? If the boys are this fine, I’m definitely going to college! Are the girls cuter at USC? That man is exposing himself at the pool!” This last remark was made of an older gentleman, possibly a professor, sunning himself in a Speedo. I was scared to look, but a man in a Speedo is as hilarious to me as it is to 14-year olds.

One student gossiped about another: “Miss, Billy waved at a college girl, and you know what she did?”
I responded: “What did she do? Wave back?”
“She said, ‘EWWWW!’ ”

At the end of the day, I was worn out. I played Mario Kart DS against some students on the bus ride back to school, and I got my ass whooped.

2 thoughts on “A Field Trip to UCLA”

  1. I visited there yesterday, and as an old alumni, I have to say, “That’s no friggin’ campus ferchrissakes the place looks bigger and better than downtown!” (I hope my English Writing professor doesn’t mark this up with a red pencil.) But, ooh, the people walking at 3 in the afternoon have manners, such as staying on the right side of the of the path, keeping a comfortable space from each other….
    Hooray for walking manners!

  2. Sometimes when I walk around campus on a nice day (which we often have), I feel lucky I get to go to school and work there.

    Did your students complain about all the hills? I remember taking students on tours and hearing them complain about that.

    Even though I’m a graduate student, I still have undergraduate friends. Some of them have the premier meal plan in the dining halls. It’s nice when late in the quarter, they’re trying to use up their meals and offer you a free lunch or brunch on the weekend.

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