Too nice to work, call it a mental health day

12%204%2007001.jpg Damn, too nice to work and Julia’s post
gave the final nudge to take a mental health day. I’ve done them for years in December. First in retail as the grind was too much during the holidays, then later as a cube dweller just because it was a job that ground my ass to the bone daily. Better than a benzodiazepine is Venice Beach for a quick reset on a mental health day. And when it’s going to be warm like this I am out and enjoying it as fast as possible.

Today was perfect. Took the good camera to continue the exploration of movement when worked with HDR . The day was documented with the trusty che-ez snap as well. More of the latter after the jump.

Barely 2 weeks into the season and I am tired of all the Holiday Colors. Summer Colors are always nice to see.

This Mom has the right idea…get down at your kids level to play. Do it often and they’ll remember that instead of being on the couch at 21.

Hat and Glasses stuck on a beer bottle in the sand. Would like to know what that’s all about besides just being there to catch my eye.

Just kicking back watching the waves, catching some rays. My kinda day too pal.

Dude I don’t know if I should bow to you for being able to actually work at the beach or admonish you for not paying attention to nature all that is going on around you. Yellow Legal Pads are for your cube!

Lot’s of photogs at the beach today. Some taking pics of the surfers. Other taking pics of the waves. Others were tourists taking pics of each other. This guy rode his bike in and used it as a seat. Either way it was a great place to just sit and shoot today.

Tourist and gulls about to get hosed by the breaking wave. There was a lot of that today…tourists getting hosed by breakers that is.

The gulls are working on getting those tourist’s lunch. Silly people don’t they know if they walk away the gulls attack it screaming “mine mine mine”!

Anyway. All reset. Ready to join reality. Tonight is a full one. Two with sports, on 6-8 the other 5-10 and one other pestering for money to get her nails done. Sigh…the beach is a lot less demanding.

Thanks LA for Venice Beach. Really it is the best reset button in my arsenal.

Pics by me with the trusty che-ez snap. With the correct click-a-roo they get bigger but not better.

2 thoughts on “Too nice to work, call it a mental health day”

  1. Nice pictures Fraz and I’m glad to have given you the nudge so I could share the beautiful day with you. (I was painting a lot inside today, at least the heat makes the paint dry faster…)

  2. Very nice and oh-so-jealous! I’m thinking of taking the kids to the beach this week once it’s raining. I think they’ll get a kick out of that and I haven’t taken cloudy beach pics in a long time.

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