Show Me a Man That Refuses a Free Burrito, and I’ll Show You a Man That Loves Al Queda

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I’m not one to shill for The Man, but I’ve got a soft spot for Chipotle since, before they were partially purchased by and eventually parted from McDonald’s, they were a locally owned small chain in my hometown of Denver. That, and the fact that their barbacoa makes my taste buds dress in costume and do a choreographed dance the likes of which even Busby Berekely couldn’t conceive. So, rather than thinking of this as me pimping for a national burrito chain, think of it as me sharing the wealth ’cause I’m here to tell you that Chipotle is giving away some free motherfunking burritos, hombre. Unfortunately for all of us but Frazgo, they’re doing it in Glendora, but what’s a little distance when you’re talking free burritos with which to stuff your empty burrito hole? Just stop by the new location at “Gladstone & Lone Hill (in Marketplace),” this Thursday (12/6) between 11:00am and 8:00pm and the burrito gods will look upon you favorably. The “waiting in line” gods, probably not so much.

14 thoughts on “Show Me a Man That Refuses a Free Burrito, and I’ll Show You a Man That Loves Al Queda”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Am all over it, and please feel free to write me direct when you find a score like that. So they are that good eh?

  2. So they are that good eh?

    I think so, but I’m sure there will be a bevy of Baja Freshites coming out of the woodwork to defend their chosen brand. Allow me to shout a preemptive “Heresy!” while I’ve got the floor.

  3. Arguments over the proper definition of “irony” aside, now there’s no excuse not to donate at least the $6.00 you’d have to pay for your burrito!

  4. Whoo-flippin’-hoo! I have a site to shoot over there and and I told them I’ll shoot it on Thursday. Free burritos for mama, even if they are Chipotle burritos. Free is free and I like it.

  5. Well at the price of free I guess it’s worth eating one again, but they’re kinda tasteless. And I hear they’re made from recycled McD french fries.

  6. Fabooj….track me down, we can carpool. While we’re at it we can beg them for freebies for my local food bank and you yours. Voila irony is gone.

  7. Baja Fresh? Ptooey. Paquito Mas, baby.

    (I have never eaten a Chipotle burrito. I’m sure they’re lovely. And I actually think Baja Fresh is just fine, too.)

  8. Mmm…Poquito Mas! The others are good too, but nothing beats Poquito Mas. I’d pay for Poquito Mas over free Chipotle any day.

  9. In my case, the “little distance” will cost me more in gas money than it would to pay for the burrito at the Chipotle by my house.

  10. Glendora? I might bike out there for a donut, but a burrito… wait you said “free?” I’d so be there if it were a Saturday.

  11. Frazgo, all over the carpooling, but I also have to go to Corona, Moreno Valley and Temecula right after. Hope you don’t mind the ride.

  12. Alright. After eating lunch today at Chipotle, I feel like I should revisit this. To be clear, I love the barbacoa, but I always get the tacos. Today I got a barbacoa fajita burrito, and to be honest I was a little disappointed. The peppers and onions are only so-so, as is the rice of which there is TONS, and it all conspires to overwhelm the meat. So, I’d still gobble one in a heartbeat for free, but as far as my endorsement goes I can only back the barbacoa tacos with real passion.

    As for Paquito Mas, I was never a huge fan, but I haven’t been there for a long, long time. Maybe it’s time to do a burrito comparison week!

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