bLA Readers Report Back from Battles at the Fonda, part 2!

So we had TWO folks come back from Battles with reviews. Here’s a hilarious take on it by reader Steve Kedrowski! I hope he wins more contests, because I like grumpy people.* And people who reference Gravity’s Rainbow in show reviews. Steve, bless your well-read soul.

Wake Me When the Show Starts: A Middle-Aged Man Goes to the Fonda

Every so often Lucinda will post a contest for free tickets to a show, and they are normally for bands I know and love, but invariably I lose out on the tickets because I didn’t know the name of the original bassist’s second-cousin. On Monday she was giving away tickets to Battles, a band I mainly know from the single in rotation on satellite radio, but there were no prerequisite questions, so this happened to be the time I managed to win. Therefore, I attended Tuesday’s show as a near blank slate. If you’re a huge Battles fan and you missed out on the tickets because of me, I apologize, but the place was nowhere near packed, so I don’t feel that guilty.

I’m in my mid-30s and I don’t make it out to shows as much as I used to. This year there were only two shows for which I actually went out of my way to buy advanced tickets: Flaming Lips at the Hollywood Bowl and Sebadoh at the Troubador. The Henry Fonda Theater is a midsized venue. Most of the bands I like have either already made it big or never will, so it’s been years since I’ve been to a club like this. The upper floor was closed off so there was nowhere to sit. I bought a Red Bull and vodka to give me a little pick-me-up. It was $11. In another ten years it will finally sink in that these are red flags trying to let me know that I’m not welcome in such places. But for the time being, I persevered…
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bLA Readers Report Back from Battles at the Fonda, part 1!

IMG_0030.jpgLast week we sent a handful of winners to the Battles show at the Henry Fonda (thank yoo, Goldenvoice*). I love when you guys report back on the show. Here’s one of two great firsthand accounts! (And oh, I’ll be posting another contest for another bombass band–one of my favorites–tomorrow morning sometime.) bLA winner Michael Lockridge also sent in pictures! Lockridge, you are the awesome.

I recently had the pleasure of “winning” the opportunity to go see Battles for free, except for the drinks which kind of evened things out. They played at the Fonda in Hollywood, which is a decent enough place, and were opened by No Age. I have conflicted feelings toward this band. The band is comprised of two guys who didn’t take their ADD medication, or were still full of teenage angst. The whole set itself started out rocky but after each consecutive song I felt that they were getting better and better. By the time they were getting me hooked however, the set was over. Their music made me imagine myself thrashing with the giant bald guy next to me who didn’t move an inch the entire time I was there (not even a smile). At one point they asked the giant bald guy pointedly how he was doing. He didn’t respond at all and they played it off nicely by saying “Ok, we’ll talk later!” I see promise but they didn’t have the patience to take me there.

Battles is another story entirely…
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Fer’ cryin’ out loud, win these tickets for the Shout Out Louds!!!


That other Swedish super group, The Shout Out Louds, will be taking over the Music Box Theatre on Monday night, along with Johnossi and with LA’s sexiest rockin’ trio Nico Vega.

Not only do we have three pairs of tickets to give away for this amazing lineup, one lucky winner will also receive a “limited edition rock poster” made for the show, courtesy of our friends at Goldenvoice.

For your chance to win: leave a comment SHOUTING that you want these tickets. Please use ALL CAPS, so we know you’re SHOUTING. The gratuitous use of exclamation! points! is also encouraged!!! Also include a valid email address so we can yell back at you in case you’re a winner. We’ll randomly draw three winners on Sunday, November 4th, at noon (and one of these will also get the poster), so pipe up before then.

To guarantee a spot at the show, buy your tickets online here.

Shout Out Louds w/ Johnossi and Nico Vega
Music Box at the Fonda
6126 Hollywood Blvd.
Monday, November 25th, 8pm

Strikepocalypse: Or How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love Video On Net

I’ve been reading up relentlessly on the Strike these last few weeks.

Nikki Finke, The Artful Writer, United Hollywood and Variety have the best coverage.

If and when the writers go on strike and paralyze this town, it will be over four cents.

Four Cents. Four CENTS! That’s how much a the writer of a Hollywood Movie gets on the sale of a DVD. And that’s how much the producers want to pay the writers for online purchased copies (i.e., iTunes).

The writers want an increase in this rate. Who can blame them when DVDs cost 20ish bucks and they are making only four fricken cents.

More after the jump.
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Fresh Squeezed Oil, olive oil that is

caltecholive.jpg If you appreciate fresh food have I got an event for you. Cal Tech in good old Pasadena has more than a few ingenious students. A couple had the bright idea to squeeze some ripe olives and see what happened. It was good. Next thing you know they have the administrations attention and it turns into the Cal Tech Olive Festival Harvest . Full history of the event HERE.

Mark Friday November 2 on your calendars and find a reason to be at Cal Tech and enjoy the festivities starting at 8AM. More details after the jump.
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Where my Trick-or-Treaters at?

darthvader.jpgI live in an apartment, so I didn’t expect a parade of goblins and ghouls. But I thought there would be at least ONE knock on my door. There was last year. I admit it – I’m disappointed. Not least because this pile of Reese’s is fucking with my ability to eat a nutritional breakfast. (Whoops, lunch! Jeez, where’d the morning go?)

In order to cheer myself up, I want you to tell me about your trick-or-treaters. How many did you have? What type of residence do you live in (house, apartment, townhome, etc.)? What neighborhood?

I am in Koreatown/Wilshire Center, in an apartment, and had zero trick-or-treaters.

Hollywood Vintage Launch Party Tonight

Put your party pants on. It’s Thursday, and the weekend is here. It’s also the Fall season, and you need some new clothes.

A new fashion start-up launches tonight in Studio City. It’s Hollywood Vintage Rags & Bags, an online thrift boutique that goes live next week.

Hollywood Vintage specializes in “vintage, vintage-inspired, and hip hand-me-downs.” Clothes for women. Shoes. Accessories. Even a section called “Dress Your Man.” As if we guys couldn’t dress ourselves. I do like the Speed Racer bowling shirt, though. That’s just money.

The first 100 peeps in the door get a free swag bag. There’s also complimentary appetizers and live music.

Plus, it’s Thursday. And you’re still thirsty.

Hollywood Vintage Launch Party
Tonight @ 7:00
TommyRays Cafe
12345 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604


jackocide.jpg So what do you do with your Jack-o-lanterns the day after Halloweenie? Providing some houligan didn’t smash it, what do you do with 1 pumpkin, let alone the 3 I have? (pic by me you know the drill to make it bigger).

Give him a good whack ala Silence of the Lambs and eat ’em that’s what.

So far 2 have been cut, peeled and cubed. One is roasting with cinnamon and spices to be puree’d for future pies and breads. The other is being steamed to be canned for future soups. The last one is nervously waiting in the spare fridge where it will be whacked for tonights “Pumpkin, Corn & Lemon Grass Soup” ala the current Gourment magazine with the rest going into Pumpkin Cranberry Bread for a side. (Sometimes flipping to vegetarian for a while is good for you and FUN).

So LA…what are you doing with your spare Jack?