HALF a Marathon? Or a WHOLE Clusterf**k?

[click to see better, but the number’s just a recording sending you to the useless website]

If you live in or near Silver Lake, don’t think you can just ignore this new HALF MARATHON event – Just about all the streets will be closed on Sunday.

I wish I could, say, tell you exactly which streets will be closed and at what time, but apparently that info isn’t available. The recorded message told me to attend the Expo on Saturday, but that seems like a lot to have to do just to see where I can’t drive in my own neighborhood.

Their website claims, “The race features a point-to-point course that starts in Griffith Park at the Los Angeles Zoo (new to 2007) and ends in downtown Los Angeles. Along the route runners will enjoy many of Los Angeles’ civic treasures including the beauty of Griffith Park, the historic Hyperion Bridge, Silver Lake Reservoir, Echo Park Lake and the spectacular skyline of downtown Los Angeles.”

The page with street closures is still not up today, but you can check out the course info and map online and guess from there. I’ve also included it after the jump.

Has anyone at all even HEARD of this event? Seen anything to promote it?


8 thoughts on “HALF a Marathon? Or a WHOLE Clusterf**k?”

  1. UGH. i hate hearing about this 2 days before i’m going to be trapped in my neighborhood by street closures for an event i’ve never heard of.

  2. Yeah – this is bogus. Notice can easily be provided weeks ahead. I’m sure DOT and LAPD had to be notified, so no reason to not inform the public.

    The contact number on the website has a lengthy message that ends with explaining they’re out of the office, but for further question to come by the Expo (just like Ruth said).

    I can understand if this was an occasional oversite, but not making a real effort to inform the community of road closures is woefully commonplace. Its an area where our reps keep failing miserably – they could easily make sure event organizers make this a priority if the city is unable to do it themselves.

  3. I think last year was the first one and this year’s course is very similar to last year’s. I didn’t know about last years until I saw the street closure signs a few days prior. I think it’s mainly promoted in jogging/running circles as a “warm-up” run for the L.A. Marathon.

  4. Ran it last year. Pretty cool run that supports organizations along the course route. I doubt you’ll be “trapped” as it gets started early and I remember traffic cops letting the few cars out that early cut in front of my slow ass. You should come out and support! (And put it in your 2008 calendars for 12/07/08)

  5. One year the LA Marathon kept me and my wife from getting back to our apartment–we lived between Robertson and La Cienega (which would later be shut off) and were able to go for breakfast in the morning, but just a little bit later, we could not get back to our place. The route also went down Venice, so there was no way to go south and come up to our place. There were no warnings in the neighborhood about which streets would be closed. A year later, the route went up the street right at the end of our block–in a residential neighborhood!

  6. Support the damned thing? Are you kidding?

    Maybe if they’d showed even the slightest courtesy about informing us of widespread street closures, but certainly not now.

    Two days before the event and the best they can do is tell us to pay admission and attend their event (where I seriously doubt they will have this info ready anyway)?

    That, my friends, is utter bullshit.

  7. I’m sorry…I used to live off Melrose and Fairfax and understand being closed off with no information (AIDS Walk, LA Marathon). Good luck with getting that info before Sunday. I am glad that at least hear in El Sereno, we seem to get a good two months notice on when streets will be blocked off.

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