Oh Christmas Tree Someday To Be


What you’re seeing at right is two full fantasticated feet of thriving afghan pine (click to triplify) that a mere 10 months ago was nothing much more than a twig. To call it a sapling back might have been technically correct back then, but it would have been a bit of a stretch. Crapling’s more like it.

I came into possession of the little tyke after making my regular post-holiday sweep around the neighborhood, picking up the inevitable trees kicked to the inevitable curbs by the inevitable inconsiderata who think the world is their trashcan that someone else dumps. Hauling my copious catch off to the tree recycling post in the L.A. Zoo parking lot, I was rewarded with coupons for free mulch, a couple energy-efficient light bulbs and my choice of tiny trees: the aforementioned evergreen or a Carolina cherry.

“Go on and take one of each if you want,” the city recycling dude said. And so I did (the cherry tree’s doing just as fine in case you’re wondering).

Being somewhat hit-or-miss in the green thumb arena, I transplanted the little fellow with my fingers crossed. Sure, it’s not rocket science but I still breathed a sigh of relief when it didn’t brown out and die and instead took to its new digs and took off growing. We’ll still be off to the local tree lot in a couple weeks to drop the usual $80-plus for a dead fresh-cut one, but if all continues to go and grow well we’ll be transplanting this living gift to a larger pot in 2008 and it could be we’ll haul it into the foyer to decorate for the 2008 holidays and those to come until it’s too big to bring inside and then we’ll install it in the backyard where the sky’s the limit.

4 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree Someday To Be”

  1. That’s really cool, a couple of my neighbors do that to only in a big way.

    They actually have several in various degrees of growth. The best decorating size are in roller tubs they bring indoors. When they get too big they just plant it. They usually have one a couple of years behind that they can start cycling as their indoor tree for decorating about the time the current one is ready to plant.

    It started with Virgina just hating to cut down beautiful trees only to mulch them a few weeks later. At first Lee balked, eventually she gave into Virginia and saw it as a way to leave a nice testimony to their relationship planted firmly in the soil. We (my family and I) are quite happy that our gift a few years ago is about to become this years “decorating tree”.

  2. My hubby and I were at Target the other day and found a bunch of Christmas-type trees in small tubs for as little as $20. I dig those more than the full-size trees, especially with my crazy cat.

  3. A few year’s ago, I saved a big 7′ tree and stand, cut off the branches except for a few sprigs at the top, and brought it out on the Christmases that I remembered to. I had plans to have a family portrait with the sad tree, and send it off as holiday cards. For some reason, we never got around to that. It served a functional purpose the rest of the year: as a stand for my Boston dual-blade pencil sharpener.
    No, no, no. I’m not on anything. I think it’s from too many Monty Python animations.
    The larch.

  4. The cherry tree I got in exchange for my tree recycling last year met a very sad end in June. I promise I took the utmost care to plant it in nice soil, a pretty pot, water, sunlight…
    What went wrong?

    I thought it was poisonous smog killing my baby tree, but my roommate said I was supposed to water it REGULARLY.

    She’s so naive.

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