Wild Rose Robotics: Need for Speed

robospeeder.jpg Today was round 3 of the Robotics module and it all focused on speed and winning a race. There were a few recently identified GATE kids in the group so there was a quick review to get them caught up and then it was off to the races, literally. Wild Rose is really very lucky to get a robotics expert and educator like Kenneth Berry PhD to run this module. He really brings it to their level so they can be excited and make it work.

This week was when the class made the big jump from basic building to building task specific. A quick discussion on Newton’s basic law’s and then Archimedes’s and the group was off digging through tubs of Lego pieces.
More on this weeks robotics after the jump.

It was a trial and error method mostly when it came to choosing gears for the best ratio. The found quickly if your wheels were too big you lost the force advantage and still wound up moving at a crawl. Eventually the found the right combination of gears to get the speed needed to race. The shrieking glee when they got it right only added to the excitement of the day.

The kids did their trial races with each other testing their creations in advance of next week’s module. Next round is 3 timed races down the course and the best time kept to determine the winner. As it was the room was filled with plenty of “Dr Berry it really goes fast!” as it was. I can’t wait for the actual races to get started though I probably would need ear plugs for that din.


As a parent sitting aside I am really excited for them to be succeeding with these new challenges. I only wish that MUSD could expand this program for all of the schools. But then again I wish schools in general had better funding to give our kids more chances at learning and succeeding.

Pic’s by me, quick click over the image get’s them a little bigger.