Tempting Fate with Pet Names

Lucky Dog

Spotted this taped to a pole outside Meltdown on Sunset and Gardner a few days ago. Apologies in advance if you find this in poor taste, but am I the only one that finds this dog’s name humorous in light of his situation? Unless they get him back, in which case cheers on the foresight!

3 thoughts on “Tempting Fate with Pet Names”

  1. i’m w/you, spence. tempting fate. know of too many lucky’s that met unpleasant ends – plus i’m superstitious like that.
    hope it works out better for this lucky.
    i wish people would post updates on these things if the animal is found!
    damn! now i gotta worry about lucky on top of everything else.

  2. lol……. Maybe he got tired of all the other dogs making fun of that ridiculous haircut and just stepped out for a shave and haircut.

    Seriously, I do hope he gets “lucky” and finds his way back.

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