Note to KCAL9: Google Earth is not live KCAL9’s continuing live coverage of the Malibu fires a little bit ago, they turned their camera on a woman who they said had a fascinating story.

She said that she was worried that her home was burned down, but on the advice of a friend took a peek on Google Earth, and it was still standing. She was very relieved.

Unfortunately, Google Earth is NOT real time. Most of the images there are months old. Even Castle Kashan, which was destroyed in the fires late last month, is still visible on their maps.

Here’s hoping that it turns out that this lady isn’t woefully mistaken.

3 thoughts on “Note to KCAL9: Google Earth is not live”

  1. Google Earth Fun:

    1. Look for the site of the Ambassador Hotel (if you can’t find it, then just skip this, okay?)
    2. Zoom in a bit.
    3. In one of the views, the hotel is there, in another view, it’s gone! Zoom out again, and it’s back!

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