Brush fire in Malibu, Corral Canyon

I was awakened at 6:00am when my cell phone rang.

It was the Pepperdine Emergency Notification system with a message from 5:41am (dude, why does it take 20 minutes for me to get my notification!??!!?) saying that on-campus residents of Pepperdine’s Drescher and Malibu campuses were being asked to evacuate to the Tyler Campus Center due to a brush fire in the Corral Canyon.

The website is not updated yet, but emergency information is available at

UPDATE @ 9:00AM: Pepperdine Responds to Corral Canyon Fire

After a period of being sheltered-in-place at the Tyler Campus Center (TCC), Malibu and Drescher campus residents and students were allowed to return to their on-campus homes.

All Malibu campus events scheduled for today, Saturday, November 24, 2007 have been cancelled.

For the most updated information on road closures, please call 310.506.7623.

Emergency Operations Committee remains in close contact with Los Angeles County fire officials and will continue to monitor the situation.

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  1. Jozjozjoz hope all is well, since you posted I know you are at least safe. Thanks for this post as I had no idea there was another fire.

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